Great Shows Stay With You

Your character will change after every episode of a show on Amazon Prime Video.

Directed by Steve Rogers

Shot by David Stewart

Zero Likes Given

Kahlua wanted to show that they believe in living life unseriously. So we made an exhibition of photos that got zero likes on Instagram.

We also uncovered a piece of internet history, the oldest unliked picture ever posted on instagram.

There was a private view to which we invited New York's finest. 

Over 900 people came to the exhibition during it's 4 day opening.

Photos by Gregory Granaghan

We also made an audio guide on Spotify using quotes from the photographers, which you can experience in a virtual tour below. 

What A Time To Be Alive

The past was terrible, today is amazing, thanks to delicious Rustlers burgers that cook in 90 seconds.

Directed by Steve Rogers

Along with the TVC and posters we also made a guided virtual reality tour of London during the great smog of 1952.
This reminded people how much better it is to be alive today, with our Rustlers burgers and lack of smog.

To remind people how hard it was to communicate via morse code, we made a radio ad comprised entirely of morse code.

And because people were complaining about their blessed lives on Twitter, we gave them a much needed reality check via an OAP social media intern.

The Seas Between Us

It had been 150 years since the invention of the hamburger and people had forgotten its heritage. So we made an arthouse film that retold its story.

The full film is avaliable to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

...but if you're too cheap to buy Amazon Prime Video, here is a link to the film for free. Password: TSBU

‘The Seas Between Us’ premiered in Berlin’s famed Arthouse cinema Babylon Kino.

The film has an original jazz score, which is also available to stream on Spotify.

Don’t Overthink Breakfast

Belvita is a nice and simple choice of breakfast,
so you need never overthink it again.

Directed by Jeff Low